Where? The location of the Event is the Culver City Plunge – 4175 Overland Avenue, Culver City CA  90230

Please respect Culver City Residents and park in the pool’s parking lot instead of local streets!

Who can participate? This event is open to everyone. Children under 18 need parental permission.

What is the registration cost?
The event is broken up into 30 minute swim STAGES; 28 minutes of swimming and 2 minutes to exit the pool and start the new group.
• One stage – $25
• Two Stages – $35
• Three Stages – $45
• Four to Six Stages – $65
• 100% of Proceeds will fund a children’s swim safety instruction program. (All event expenses paid by LA Tri Club and our generous sponsors)

If I can’t make it, can I still contribute to this great event? Yes, please help the kids. You can go to our registration and simply donate any dollar amount. You can also write a check to ‘Coast to Coast Swim Challenge’ to hand in at the event check in, or mail to: Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge, PO Box 66425 LA 90066


Can you contribute more than race entry fee? Yes, PLEASE!  All proceeds will fund a children’s swim safety instruction program. So, YES, please give more! If you do donate more, enter the amount in the appropriate box on our registration page, or write a check to: Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge and bring with you to the event.


What if I am not a fast swimmer? That’s okay! This isn’t a race. Lanes will be set up for Slow, Average and Fast swimmers. Simply elect your speed during the registration process. We will have people on the swim deck to help you switch lanes if you are not at matching pace with others in your lane.

When will I receive specific information regarding my Stage(s)? Confirmation is available online immediately after you sign up. This can be viewed at any time.

What Time should I arrive? Report to the registration “Check-In Desk” 30 minutes before the stages you signed up for.  The “Check-In” volunteer will provide a pool lane number to you.

When do I go to my lane for my stage? Swimmers must be at their lane 10 minutes before the beginning of their stage. Again, lane assignments are confirmed when you check in and will be posted at the pool behind the blocks and on the south wall.  At this time, you must be wearing your bathing suit and goggles.

What if I am in the wrong lane for my level of swimming? If you find yourself  too slow or too fast, ask the volunteer to help move you. We will place you in a lane where you can swim comfortably with others at the same pace.

What if I have to stop and rest? That is not an issue. Just stop and rest at the wall off to a corner. Don’t stop in the middle of the pool or hang on the wall in the middle of the lane where it is best to make turns.

How fast should you swim? That is up to you. You’ll want to swim at a steady, even pace from start to finish. You will be a lot more comfortable and so will your lane mates when you keep a solid pace.  That means DON’T go out too fast during the first five minutes.

What are some of the etiquette points for swimmers? Make sure you swim far to the right, not to the center. Be aware of others. Anticipate if someone is coming up and will over take you. Try to pause at a corner wall to let them pass. Please don’t block someone coming up from behind for lap after lap. And if you are overtaking someone and they do not see you, tap their toes. Any swimmer so tapped has the obligation to give right away at the next corner. Next lapping,  please be aware of your lane mates.

How will I know how much time has elapsed? We will have big Digital Pace Clocks at both sides of the pools. You can easily see their 12 inch bright red numbers. The clocks will restart with each stage. So from zero to 28 minutes you can swim away. When the clock reaches 28 minutes, it’s time to exit.

How will you organize the lane and the start? That will be just like a swim workout.  Someone has to swim first, second, third, and so on. To determine who swims first, discuss this with your lane mates behind the blocks. Introduce yourselves!  This should be a great day for meeting new friends. You’ll notice the swimmers in the stage before you will start to exit the pool when the Pace Clock hits 28 minutes and the MC announcer alerts the swimmers. That is when you should head to the water’s edge and start slowly getting in.  Be thoughtful to those finishing up. Your stage of swimmers will then begin to swim, with each new swimmer starting 5 seconds apart. Remember to take it easy the first five minutes. There is NO DIVING. Enter the pool feet first, slow and easy.

Will there be room for a warm up and warm down lane? No, sorry. We anticipate using every lane all day for this event. Warm up in the first five minutes. If a warm down is essential then watch the clock and slow it down the last minute or two. That is all up to you.

Any equipment allowed? No, this should be just swimming. No fins, paddles or wet suits. Sorry.

What do I do when I complete my Stage(s)? Swimmers will start exactly on the hour they registered for, and must exit the pool after 28 minutes of swim time. Quickly exit. We have 2 minutes to start the next stage and must clear the  pool.
Keep track of the number of laps you swim. A lap is 25 yards – the distance from one side of the pool to the other side.  NOT a round trip of 50 yards. At the end of your stage, make sure you or the volunteer write down the number of laps you completed on the clip board. Double check with the other swimmers in your lane on how many laps they did; you should all report about the same number of laps since you were similarly paced.

What if I am doing a second stage? Just take a rest for 2 minutes. Stay out of the way of those exiting the pool, and new swimmers entering the pool. There is no swimming during the two minute break.

Where do I go when I’ve completed my swim? Check again and make sure your laps were recorded. You can take a shower if you like. Retrieve your swim bags and towel from the “Bag Check” area. Please take everything with you to make room for subsequent stages. It could get crowded, so be neat and polite. Please exit out to the Expo area and not through the pool building lobby. Visit our sponsors in the Expo area.

Can I watch other stages? Yes, but at the sides of the pool designated for observers. Please note, we have to follow Fire Code regarding the number of people on-deck. We will ask that the starting side of the pool be freed up for all the swimmers heading directly to and from their stage. No hanging at the starting side. Thanks!

Where can I park? If you are driving, parking is available in  the parking lot on Culver Blvd. (600 spaces!) Please respect Culver City residents by using the lot instead of local streets. We will also have bike racks and security if you wish to ride instead. There will be room for up to 80 bikes, so please plan accordingly.

Will there be food available? Food trucks will be stationed at the event, selling food to participants, friends and families. Athletes will also be provided with snacks and hydration by our amazing sponsors.

Please enter your “stage” time desired and estimated swim speed below:
Most swimmers will elect to sign up for 1, 2 or 3 half  hour swim “stages”. You can sign up at anytime for this, provided a time slot is open. If you want to swim more than 3 stages consecutively, register for multiple stages prior to 8am, or starting at 9:00pm- Launchers and Closers section.

First, determine what time of day you want to swim. Then enter the estimated speed (Slow, Average or Fast) that you will complete a 50 yard lap. If your desired time of day is already closed (full), please choose another time.

The pool lanes will be organized with swimmers of similar speeds. Therefore we need you to tell us your speed. From the chart below, determine your speed based on the amount of time that it takes you to comfortably swim 50 yards in a pool.  The time you estimate should be sustainable for each 50 yard lap, over the course of the 28 minutes you will be in the pool. If you’re unsure of your time, choose “Slow” and we will move you to a different lane if you are quicker than you thought.

Fast - complete a 50 yard lap in less than 00:50 seconds

Average - complete a 50 yard lap between 00:50 – 00:59 seconds Slower - complete a 50 yard lap in 1:00 minute or more

Remember, this is not a race – it is a world record attempt and a fund raiser. Just have fun!